Lucia Vail, PhD specializes in helping individuals who struggle in relationships, including those whose relationships tend to be stormy, those who feel lonely or isolated, and those who too often feel frustrated and disappointed. They may have histories of trauma or other early life stress, and may feel anxious and depressed.

Dr. Vail is intensively trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and has practiced it extensively since 2005. In addition, Dr. Vail works with many patients who are ready to look more deeply into how their early experiences may still be playing out in their current thoughts, feelings and actions.

We often don’t realize how the rules or patterns we learned early in life are still affecting the way we feel, think and act. When we start to recognize those patterns, new possibilities open up.”


Many people feel the pain of not knowing where they belong, possibly because they feel separated from their origins or carry hurts left over from their early lives. Psychotherapy often helps people clarify their values and settle more comfortably into community with others.

Many people who have experienced painful or confusing experiences early in life struggle to build lives they feel are worth living. Psychotherapy can help people take better care of themselves, including in the areas of nutrition, drugs / alcohol, and repetitive behaviors.  Psychotherapy can help people get along better with others.

Many harmful behaviors seem to sustain themselves in a repetitive cycle. Once people understand the pull of problem behaviors, they often pretty quickly generate ideas for other actions that may work much better. Understanding and acceptance can greatly change how we feel about ourselves.

I welcome people from all backgrounds to my practice, and value the chance to look into how cultural, religious, gender and other factors are contributing to people's joys and struggles.

Photo by Anida Kleege